Thursday, January 27, 2011

B-ill Kaulitz

Who's Bill Kaulitz? He's the guy who's currently on my background. Yeah that's a guy. I wanted to make sure you know he's a guy because a lot of people have mistaken him as a girl. But I actually don't have any problem with that.

Bill Kaulitz was born in Leipzig, Germany, on 1 September 1989, 10 minutes after his twin brother Tom:

Problem is, I don't know which is which.

Bill is the singer from the German pop-rock band, Tokio Hotel. Which is my most favorite band in the entire universe ever. He has showed in interest in singing ever since he was very young, and formed the band with his brother Tom. This post isn't about the band so I'll just skip this stuff.

Bill has this androgynous style. You don't know whether he's a guy or a girl. And when he was still in school. He made his own clothes. He pierced his eyebrow and his tongue and dyed his hair black (it was originally blond). Everyone kept mocking him because he was different. But he didn't care.

Even after he got famous, people kept mocking him. He was even once voted the 'ugliest woman in Germany'. But like I said, he doesn't care what haters think. One of his quotes:

"The most important thing is to be yourself."

And that is why he is my biggest idol and role model. All my life I have felt that I'm different. I wanted to fit in and be exactly like everyone else, but I just couldn't. And it was constantly bothering me. But ever since I found out about Bill, I learned to embrace my difference. Now I feel completely comfortable with who I am - flaws and all.

Bill is a vegetarian (and so is his twin brother Tom) and because of that, I am now also a vegetarian. They love animals and adopted stray dogs. One of their dogs:

(Yes he smokes. And I hate the fact that he does. But it's the only thing I hate about him.)

Aside from that, he and Tom also participated in PETA's campaign (picture included in my previous post), and he and the band participated in the DAA (Designers Against AIDS) campaign:

(If you would like to help fight AIDS, visit the DAA website here.)

So yeah. That's it. I guess. Oh yeah I want to thank Bill Kaulitz for being who he is. If he didn't I wouldn't have gotten rid of my insecurities. Danke, Bill.


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  1. continue the unfolding path to be who you are. most important is to love yourself unconditionally.